Plain frame for double action doors
Plain frame for double action doors


Whilst the GL15 has frameless glass door leaves, the whole doorset will normally have a slim outer frame constructed of: mirror polished or satin stainless steel, polished brass, Rimex textured steels, or polyester powder coated steel to any BS or RAL colour.

The outer frame has several uses, enabling us to:

  • Deliver a complete, tested doorset, which installs quickly at your site.
  • Maintain accurate and consistent edge gaps between the frame and glass of only 2-3mm.
  • Conceal overhead transom closers and access control systems within the head.
  • Provide a stable striking surface for locking systems.
  • Provide a stable surface to mount side and over panels.

We produce two main frame types, both in various sizes.

The plain frame is used for double or single action doors and generally has no seals between the frame and the glass door leaf.

The rebate frame can only be used with single action doors, but allows the use of weather seals to the jambs. When the door leaf is hung on offset pivots or hinges, a seal may also be fitted to the head.


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