Door Technik were asked to help with the recent renovations at St Martins Church, Liskeard, by manufacturing and installing a modern, automatic opening and sleek new stainless steel frameless glass door.

The door stands at over 3000mm high, boasting 12mm thick toughened safety glass with additional side screens and draft proofing strips. For added security we have included bottom deadlocks to both door leaves which are to be locked when the church is out of hours.

Together with representatives from St Martins we discussed the requirements for this door as we wanted to design an operational yet aesthetic door system that importantly would last for many years to come. It was essential to us that we take special care and attention to the existing building as we didn’t want to make any alterations to existing stonework, keeping the church opening as original and authentic as possible.

The GL15 was the right choice for this project due to its pleasing frameless design and minimal visual impact, allowing for clear daylight to bring life to the church interior.

This double doorset features automatic openers with built in sensors and a remote access switch for out of hours shut down. This not only makes the door able to safely and reliably respond to its environment but provides added overnight security.

We look forward to working with St Martins on future projects at the church.

Technical Information