Escape Doors Manufactured In The UK

Doors on escape routes need suitable hardware to allow the buildings' occupants to escape easily and quickly. Different types of users, and the likelihood of panic situations developing, will determine whether panic bars, push pads, or mortice escape locks are suitable.

THe choice of escape door furniture is determined by the two relevant standards. Excerpts are shown below:

  • BS EN 179: 2008 Emergency Exit (push pads and mortice escape locks), “For use on escape routes where people are familiar with the exit and its hardware and therefore a panic situation is most unlikely to develop.”
  • BS EN 1125:2008 Panic Exit (panic bars and touch bars), “For use on escape routes in public buildings, places of public entertainment, shops etc, or those that have to be operated in a panic situation”

DoorTechnik manufacture a range of doors with escape hardware, and are pleased to advise on your requirements.

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