Panes of laminated glass
Panes of laminated glass

SG20 Glass

The SG20 door is glazed according to its required function and usage. The normal considerations would include: impact safety, fire rating, thermal insulation, light and heat transmission, sound reduction. Glazing is available in single panes or double glazed units, which may be toughened, laminated, clear, obscure, textured or have various high performance coatings.

Manifestation is offered for company logos, decorative effects and Part M compliance.

In general, we are able to fit most types of glass to the SG20, up to a maximum thickness of 42mm depending on the frame profile used. Overall size limitations may apply, particularly for fire rated glass, or because of the glass manufacturer's production capabilities.

Fire rated glasses have particular tested size and area limitations. In general, 1500mm wide x 2500mm high, or perhaps 3.5m², is often the maximum allowable size, but contact us for details of specific fire ratings with permissible glass types and frame combinations.


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