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DoorTechnik is a leading UK manufacturer of security doors, but what makes a door secure and safe for those who use it?

All doors provide some level of security, but when increased security is demanded it is best to choose a specially designed security door.

Steel doors

Steel doors provide the best levels of security, and are used for a variety of buildings. From industrial units, to airports, cash rooms and server rooms; our range of steel doors offers varying levels of security.

How do we test our doors?

As with our fire doors, our security doors undergo much testing to assess and prove how long they can withstand attack before becoming vulnerable. Our X-Door security range gives the highest level of security, and has been tested at security levels 2, 3 and 4.

Our doors are sent away for testing using a range of tools. The lower test levels begin with small tools such as screwdrivers, knives, hammers and other items that opportunistic burglars may possess, and when the attack time is limited. The higher test levels use heavier duty tools such as power drills over longer periods of time, and with considerable force.

No door can ever be totally secure, as with enough time and access to suitable tools, any barrier can be overcome, but a certified security door will resist those attacks it is tested for. When minimising security risks within buildings, it is crucial to allow for the placement of security doors to hinder potential threats. Depending on the type of environment the door will protect, we have 3 doors rated to different levels of security which can provide peace of mind and satisfy security requirements.

Our G15 steel doors are versatile, general-purpose doorsets and are suitable for most external or secure internal applications in commercial and industrial buildings. G15 doorsets can be modified extensively, and are often used in industrial units, schools, agricultural buildings, airports, portable buildings and cash rooms.

G15 steel door

G20 and X20 doors are constructed of 2mm steel, have internal reinforcing and an insulated core, and therefore provide a greater level of security. This makes them ideal for buildings needing increased levels of security, such as gun rooms, pharmacies and panic rooms.

For buildings which face severe threats, our X15 steel security doors, which are approved to LPS 1175: Issue 7, are ideal to withstand prolonged attacks.

X15 steel security door

For more information and to get advice on which security doors are suitable for your build, contact us here