T15+ toilet door.
T15+ toilet door.

T15+ Basic Plus Toilet Door

The T15+ offers a simple level of access control, allowing free use during the day, and then locking down at night to minimise vandalism. This is perfect for use in areas where revenue does not need to be collected, but access must be controlled at night to minimise vandalism.

T15+ Features

  • Electric locking
  • Night time lockdown, with adjustable timeswitch
  • Service deadlock to put cubicle out of use
  • Electrical bay access cover, with security screws for occasional use

T15+ User Safety

Any user inside the cubicle during the switchover to night time operation will not be affected, and will still be able to leave by moving the internal lever handle to the unlock position to release the door, which will then re-lock behind them.

In the event of a user being unresponsive, or unable to leave the cubicle during daytime, the operating company can unlock the door by turning the standard external indicator. At night, the door has to be electrically unlocked by means of the service deadlock, or turning off power in the service area, before turning the external indicator.

T15+ Technical Details

Door leaf construction of 1.5mm steel, with adjustable hinges and internal reinforcing. Frame construction of 1.5mm steel, with internal reinforcing and integral frame adjusting screws. Safe, 24v dc electrical system.

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