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Door Closers

Door Closers

Overhead closers are versatile and useful. All will close the door, to limit further access or maintain internal environments. Depending on the model chosen, they can also:

Control the opening and closing speed – useful in windy situations.
Restrict the door opening angle, to prevent damage to doors and the reveal corners.
Hold a door open - useful when carrying goods through.
Delay closing – helpful for parents with buggies or people with limited mobility.
Surface mounted closers are available in several finishes, to complement the chosen colour scheme.

Limit Stays

Adjustable telescopic limit stays are a budget alternative to closers. They can:

Restrict the door opening angle to prevent damage to doors and the reveal corners.
Be tightened to hold a door open.

Inward Opening Doors

Closers are usually mounted on the door leaf. On inward opening doors this can result in the closer body fouling the wall so you may need to allow extra clearance or a recess cut into the wall. 

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