Mortice lock with stainless steel lever handles
Mortice lock with stainless steel lever handles

Locking Systems

Specifying particular locks will change the operation of a doorset. Points to be considered are:

  • Emergency requirements
  • Frequency of use
  • Security

We can advise on the correct locking equipment for a particular use, but in general:

Personnel doors are fitted with a standard mortice lock.

Escape doors to be used by members of the public need a full width panic bar.

Escape doors to be used only by internal staff and not by members of the public, may be fitted with either a push pad or mortice escape lock. For frequent use as a personnel door, a mortice escape lock is the preferred option.

Mortice locks

Mortice locks fit inside the door, and are available with several different functions

On a mortice escape lock, depressing the inside handle will override a locked cylinder or deadbolt. Standard locks and escape locks may be easily exchanged on site if escape functions are revised after installation.

Panic Bars and Push Pads

These units are surface mounted, have 1 to 3 locking points.


Europrofile lock cylinders are available in standard and drill-resistant, high security types. High security keys are not easily copied and can be useful to avoid unauthorised key duplication.

Various keying options are available - standard differ, keyed alike, master, suites etc.