Toilet Door Feature Comparison

We produce a range of steel toilet door models, from the fully-featured U15 Ultimate, to the simplicity of the T15.

The main features and differences between the U15, UL15, T15+ and T15 toilet doors are shown below:






Coin entry





Radar key entry





Night time locking, by time switch





Electric locking, fails unlocked





Mechanical lock, with exterior

vacant / engaged indicator






Vacant / engaged LED's





Audible instruction and alarm messages





Internal display screen, showing user instructions, locked / unlocked state, count-down timer, warning and fault messages, and usage counters.





Time-limited cubicle use, 15 minutes






User and revenue counters





Invalid user countermeasures, including restricted cubicle lighting, automatic door locking, and automatic programme resetting





Invalid user counters, for double entry and unlocked door





Night time occupancy detection with alarm





Door open detection, with alarm after 30 seconds





User assistance alarm, unlocks door and flashes external lights





Cubicle lighting control






Anti-fingertrap, rounded hinge stile





Concealed overhead door closer





Surface mounted overhead door closer





Tamper resistant lock edge to door leaf