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We have made some changes to our U15 Ultimate toilet doorsets, to improve revenue collection and minimise fraud.

Revenue logging is now a standard feature. Operators can easily check that the U15’s recorded coin value matches that of the coin boxes’ actual contents.

U15 Coin Box.

Coin boxes are keyed differently to the Ultimate’s access door, so that they can be removed to a secure area for emptying by authorised staff. Spare coin boxes are available as an optional extra for quick exchange on site by other staff.

The Ultimate’s software now has more improvements to detect unpaid use. Whilst we can never totally prevent all free use, and would not wish to punish it severely, restricting the cubicle lighting is a moderate solution which we have now implemented.

The Ultimate doorset will now detect and respond correctly to the following behaviour:

  • Holding the door open for the next user to enter free of charge.
  • More than one user entering the cubicle together, locking the door, then leaving separately.
  • Not locking the door, then holding it open while another user enters.
  • Obstructing the door from closing.

Detailed calculations were done on the U15 program.

While making these improvements, we noticed that an incorrectly adjusted closer can allow the door to bounce once or twice before closing properly. Even though adjusting the closer is the best solution, the software will now detect, and cope with the bouncing, by waiting until the door has been closed for 1 second before moving onto the next stage of the program.