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The SG20 glass doorset is able to be fitted with handles in many different sizes, finishes and designs. If you cannot see what you want here, we would be pleased to offer alternatives.

Handles for the SG20 glass door fall into two main groups depending on the type of lock fitted:

Pull handles, for single or double action doors without latched mortice locks.
Lever handles or activated pull handles, for single action doors with latched mortice locks.
Standard pull handles are always cranked or angled to avoid trapping the hands against the frame of a single door, or the other leaf of a double glass door. Straight pull handles do not provide enough safe clearance for the hands and we do not recommend their use. It is customary to fit pull handles in pairs, even when a door is single action.

Lever handles are used for locks with latches, on single action glass doors.

Activated pull handles may be used to operate a mortice lock on a single action door where the use of a lever handle is considered undesirable, for example in a busy corridor. Hewi activated handles work by converting a push / pull motion into the rotary motion necessary to turn a lock's spindle and withdraw its latch.

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