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We produce both made to measure and standard sizes. When ordering, please note that it is customary to allow a fitting clearance of 0 – 8mm on the width and 5 – 10mm on the height of a doorset.

When fitting to steelwork or timber, we normally allow 5mm clearance on the width and 5mm on the height of a doorset. When fitting to masonry, we increase the clearances to 8mm on the width and 8mm on the height, to compensate for slight variations in the structural opening.

In general, clearances should be kept tight on the width for a neat appearance, but on the height, more clearance is advisable to allow for the arc of movement as the doorset pivots towards vertical during installation.

We always advise that actual structural openings are measured, if possible after the floor has been laid. Please do not assume that structural openings will be constructed exactly to the size shown on the architect’s drawings.

The maximum size of a single E12 is 980w x 2100h. The maximum size of a double E12 is 1800w x 2100h

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