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RX15 Stainless Steel Door

A visually striking bespoke steel door, finished to the highest quality for internal or external use.

RX15 in Rimex Pampas Blue, with stainless steel frame and furniture. Other options are available

RX15 in Rimex Pampas Blue, with stainless steel frame and furniture. Other options are available

 RX15 stainless steel door in Rimex Pampas Blue, with stainless steel frame and furniture. Other options are available.

RX15 stainless steel door in Rimex Pampas Blue, with stainless steel frame and furniture. Other options are available.

Rimex Blue Pearl inner panel.

Rimex Blue Pearl inner panel.

Detail of Rimex Pampas Blue.

Detail of Rimex Pampas Blue.

Detail of stainless steel vision panel.

Detail of stainless steel vision panel.

RX15 in Rimex Pampas Blue, with stainless steel frame and furniture. Other options are available  RX15 stainless steel door in Rimex Pampas Blue, with stainless steel frame and furniture. Other options are available. Rimex Blue Pearl inner panel. Detail of Rimex Pampas Blue. Detail of stainless steel vision panel.

Stainless Steel Door

The RX15 is a visually striking steel doorset, finished to the highest quality. Bespoke construction using Rimex stainless steels and the best quality fittings, combine to create unique statements of personal taste.


For internal or external front–of–house situations in:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Prestigious Apartments
  • Reception areas
Technical details

Door construction of 1.6mm steel, with internal reinforcing and an insulated core. Thickness 45 or 55mm. Overhanging flanges to all four edges for security and weatherproofing. Three security pegs to hinge edge.

Frame construction of 1.6mm steel, with internal reinforcing, integral frame adjusting screws and flexible weather seals. Adjustable stainless steel standard hinges or optional concealed Tectus hinges.


RX15 Brochure.pdf
G15 range double installation instructions.pdf
G15 range single installation instructions.pdf
G15-G20-RX15-AC15 drawing.pdf

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We produce two main frame types for our steel door range, all fitted with weather seals and security pegs.

Rebate Frame

Our general purpose frame for fitting between walls, into steelwork, masonry or timber. Adjustable hinges are fitted as standard, with continuous hinges as an option. The integral concealed adjusting screws will accommodate up to a 10mm clearance per side in the structural opening, eliminating the use of loose packings. Many profile variants and sizes are available.

Type 3 Frame

A special purpose frame, often used for portable or sectional buildings. The frame depth is normally tailored to match the wall thickness. Also available as a two-part clamp frame.

  • Type 3 frame

    Type 3 frame


The threshold is designed as an integral part of the doorset, giving additional strength to the frame; aiding weatherproofing and sound reduction, and providing a stable surface for lower locking points.

For general purpose industrial buildings, construction is normally of galvanised steel. For offices, shops and public buildings, aluminium or stainless steel is used for the aesthetic qualities. For food preparation areas or wet situations, stainless steel has the necessary hygienic and corrosion resistance properties.

For very heavy use, we can fit additional internal reinforcing. For severe duty use, such as forklift traffic, solid stainless steel gives the ultimate in strength.

Where no threshold is required for a level access, the doorset will be delivered with a temporary threshold which is removed after installation.

We recommend that external doorsets with no threshold should be fitted with an automatic drop seal, to minimise water ingress, draughts and noise. Dropseals may be surface mounted or concealed within the door bottom.

Locking Systems

Specifying particular locks will change the operation of a doorset. Points to be considered are:

  • Emergency requirements
  • Frequency of use
  • Security

We can advise on the correct locking equipment for a particular use, but in general:

  • Personnel doors are fitted with a standard mortice lock.
  • Doors that need more security, can have additional mortice dead locks or a multi-point locking system.
  • Escape doors to be used by members of the public need a full width panic bar.
  • Escape doors to be used only by internal staff and not by members of the public, may be fitted with either a push pad or mortice escape lock. For frequent use as a personnel door, a mortice escape lock is the preferred option.

Mortice locks

Mortice locks fit inside the door, and are available with several different functions
On a mortice escape lock, depressing the inside handle will override a locked cylinder or deadbolt. Standard locks and escape locks may be easily exchanged on site if escape functions are revised after installation.

Panic Bars and Push Pads

These units are surface mounted, have 1 to 3 locking points.


Europrofile lock cylinders are available in standard and drill-resistant, high security types. High security keys are not easily copied and can be useful to avoid unauthorised key duplication.
Various keying options are available - standard differ, keyed alike, master, suites etc.

Access control

Systems may be activated by various means, including card or proximity readers, keypads, microwave or infra-red sensors, biometric sensors, or just manual switches. To link with a building’s system, we can supply doorsets fitted with:

  • Electric handles
  • Electric strikes
  • Maglocks
  • Powered operators 

Units are available in 12V or 24V, AC or DC to suit most access control systems.

Doorsets may be fitted with sensors to provide open or closed position information to a central control room.


First impressions count. As the first part of a building to be touched, steel and glass door handles need to be selected with care and attention to detail. All of our door handles are carefully chosen for their functionality, style and durability. They convey a message of quality - feeling solid and reassuring in the hand.


Many of the door handles are available in a choice of materials: aluminium, brass, nylon or stainless steel, and may have a choice of finishes: brushed, satin or mirror polished.

Lever Handles

Lever handles are available with long backplates, or on round roses with a matching cylinder escutcheon.

Subject to a few limitations, our lever handles may be paired with most of the mortice locks, while the surface mounted locking systems have their own specific handles and outside operators.

Pull Handles

Our pull handles are all bolt-through for heavy duty use, with either a push plate to conceal the fixings of a single handle, or back to back fixings for a pair of handles. We offer a section of sizes, from 300mm to 1800mm, in straight, cranked, curved or angled styles.

Door Closers

Overhead closers are versatile and useful. All will close the door, to limit further access or maintain internal environments. Depending on the model chosen, they can also:

  • Control the opening and closing speed – useful in windy situations.
  • Restrict the door opening angle, to prevent damage to doors and the reveal corners.
  • Hold a door open - useful when carrying goods through.
  • Delay closing – helpful for parents with buggies or people with limited mobility.
  • Fire rated doors must be fitted with a self closing device so that the doorset will resist the spread of fire. If these doors need to be held open in normal use, we can fit electro-hydraulic closers linked to the building’s fire alarm system.

Surface mounted closers are available in several finishes, to complement the chosen colour scheme.

Concealed closers are useful in some situations:

  • Not visually intrusive – can promote a minimalist look
  • Will allow doors to be opened nearer to adjacent walls or other obstructions. The closer body does not protrude from the surface of a door, nor does its arm stick out.
  • Can be helpful in anti-ligature regimes.
  • Are less susceptible to vandalism.
Limit Stays

Adjustable telescopic limit stays are a budget alternative to closers. They can:

  • Restrict the door opening angle to prevent damage to doors and the reveal corners.
  • Be tightened to hold a door open.

Powered Operators

Powered operators are often fitted to main entrance doors to allow unimpeded entry and exit of pedestrians from a building. They can also be useful when:

  • Carrying goods through
  • Pushing trolleys through
  • Driving vehicles through
  • Linked to access control systems
Inward Opening Doors

Closers are usually mounted on the door leaf. On inward opening doors this can result in the closer body fouling the wall so you may need to allow extra clearance or a recess cut into the wall. 


We produce both made to measure and standard sizes. When ordering, please note that it is customary to allow a fitting clearance of 0 – 8mm on the width and 5 – 10mm on the height of a doorset.

When fitting to steelwork or timber, we normally allow 5mm clearance on the width and 5mm on the height of a doorset. When fitting to masonry, we increase the clearances to 8mm on the width and 8mm on the height, to compensate for slight variations in the structural opening.

In general, clearances should be kept tight on the width for a neat appearance, but on the height, more clearance is advisable to allow for the arc of movement as the doorset pivots towards vertical during installation.

We always advise that actual structural openings are measured, if possible after the floor has been laid. Please do not assume that structural openings will be constructed exactly to the size shown on the architect’s drawings.


Standard Rebate Frames
  Overall and order size Structural opening Clear opening*
  895 x 2095 900 x 2100 764 x 2016
  935 x 2095 940 x 2100 804 x 2016
Standard single 1000 x 2090 1005 x 2100 869 x 2011
Max 1250 single 1240 x 2970 1245 x 2975 1109 x 2891
Standard double 1795 x 2095 1800 x 2100 1658 x 2016
Max 1250 double 2393 x 2970 2398 x 2975 2256 x 2891


Type 3 Frames
  Overall and order size Structural opening Clear opening*
  895 x 2045 900 x 2050 815 x 1996
  895 x 2095 900 x 2100 815 x 2046
  995 x 2095 1000 x 2100 915 x 2046
Double 1795 x 2095 1800 x 2100 1714 x 2046

* Door open to 90° and no allowance made for protruding lever handles. Contact us to ensure compliance with current Part M requirements or when clear opening dimensions are critical. With a level threshold, the height may be increased by 15mm.

  Preferred standard sizes

Colours and Materials

Rimex stainless steels combine many remarkable textures, colours and patterns.
The texturing process work hardens the steel to increase its toughness. The material is suitable for exterior use, is difficult to damage, hides dents and scratches and is a deterrent to vandalism.

On satin and mirror finish material, a state of the art etching technique offers standard patterns, custom designs such as company logos, or even unique and original art to your own design.

More on the material at

RX15 Steel Doorset NBS Specifications

We are always pleased to offer door specification advice. It is very important to us that our doorsets are correctly specified for their intended use so that they may give many years of trouble-free service. We believe in offering the best options for your project so that you get a product that is manufactured exactly to your needs.

Below are some RX15 steel doorset NBS specification examples. Please feel free to edit them for use in your plans, tender documents or specifications. If you cannot see just what you want, then please contact us and we will be pleased to write specifications for you.


RX15 steel doorset with mortice lock

Supply and install RX15 doorset by DoorTechnik Ltd, Moor Lane, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln, LN6 9BW. Tel: 01522 693522. Email:

Finish as delivered: Rimex stainless steel construction, pattern and colour tbc.

45mm door leaf, constructed of 1.5mm Rimex, with internal reinforcing and an insulated core. Overhanging flanges to all four edges for security and weatherproofing, with three security pegs to hinge edge.
Frame construction of 1.5mm Rimex textured stainless steel or brushed stainless steel, with internal reinforcing, heavy-duty stainless steel adjustable standard hinges, integral frame adjusting screws and flexible weather seals.
Standard 15mm DDA compliant threshold in Rimex textured stainless steel, or brushed stainless steel.
Fixings in accordance with the supplied installation instructions.

Mortice sash lock, with euro profile cylinder and stainless steel lever handles.

Optional ironmongery:

  • Concealed flush bolts or surface mounted tower bolts for double door slave leaf
  • Overhead closers
  • DDA compliant vision panels
  • Louvres
  • Continuous stainless steel hinge
  • Access control locks
  • Additional deadlocks
  • Concealed alarm contacts
U Values

The U Values for the RX15 steel door have been calculated to EN 673, EN ISO 10077-1 and EN ISO 10077-2. As standard, all RX15 doorsets have an insulated core.

A standard 45mm RX15 with foam core is 1.7 W/(m²K)

The rest of the range is 1.8 W/(m²K). Please contact us for more details.


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